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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

​$100-$250 per treatment or package

 Can be helpful for: allergies, swollen eyes, cellulite, diabetes, chronic colds, acne, arthritis, pain, and so much more. MLD helps to boost the immune system, can be used as a natural and safe detox, and is great for speeding healing after surgery.

CT License #s 002993 & 004779


Other Massage Therapy Services

Hot Stone Massage  $75 - $100/60-90 minutes

A relaxing session using heat and pressure to relieve muscle tension.

Add-ons: Back Salt Scrub $10 -relieve dry itchy skin

Moonstone Facial ​$15 -great for TMJ, sinus issues, and other facial discomforts. Massage techniques are applied to the face using cold stones.


Prenatal Massage  $65 - $90/60-90 minutes

Specifically designed for the childbearing year, from trying to conceive to all the months of pregnancy and even after birth, this a combination of safe techniques expectant momma and baby-to-be. 


Infant Massage Classes 

$100/5 week group or 2 session individual

After baby arrives, bring them in and learn some great massage techniques to help them thrive. 


Regular Massage   $40 - $90/30-90 minutes

A combination of techniques, designed specifically for your needs. Can be relaxing, invigorating or anywhere in between; using light, medium or deep pressure depending on the focus of the session and your comfort level. This category includes Swedish, Sports, Basic stretching/fascia techniques, Acupressure and anything else we've picked up along the way.


Myofascial Massage    ​$80 - $120/60-90 minutes

Techniques are designed to spread the connective tissues of the body, allowing more space for vital body structures (such as blood vessels and nerves) to function and a freer range of motion for the muscles.

Massage Therapy Services

Thai Massage    $110/90 minutes

A fabulous combination of stretches and deep compressions, this technique is great for anyone involved in sports or regular physical activity. Thai massage is performed with the client fully clothed on a mat on the floor.

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